Resources for the New Year

Resources for the New Year

by Jonathan Tostado-Marquez

With the New Year comes new beginnings, new adventures and, for some, new resolutions and goals. Whether you are interested in finally finishing up that small project you keep putting off or picking up a new skill or hobby, the Ames Public Library has a wide range of books, CDs and, other materials to help you along the way.

If, in this New Year, you would like to express more of your artistic side consider checking out books on topics like woodworking, painting, drawing, knitting and so much more. If woodworking seems appealing, consider the book “Woodworking: The Complete Step-by-Step Manual” by D.K. Publishing. It contains a wealth of knowledge on the types of tools, techniques, and materials you need to become a master woodworker. The book also contains various sample projects, each with step-by-step instructions and photo references to guide you.  For those interested in learning how to paint, the book “Learn to Paint in Acrylics: With 50 Small Paintings” by Mark Daniel Nelson provides a great introduction to the materials and tools you need to create your very own masterpiece. This book uses small painting exercises to help you practice a particular painting technique or skill. If you are more interested in drawing, the book “The Draw Anything Book: Over 200 Simple Step-by-Step Sequences for all Kinds of Things” by Robert Lambry is a great resource for beginners. This book provides basic guidance on how to approach drawing various objects, locations, and all sorts of things.

There are also materials at the Ames Public Library that can assist you in learning or brushing up on various world languages. If you plan to travel to a foreign country someday, the Learn Before You Land audiobook series can teach you essential words and phrases to navigate hotels, restaurants, and casual interactions in different languages. There are also materials for more intermediate learners like Olly Richards’ short-story collections, “Short Stories in Spanish”,Short Stories in Korean”, “Short Stories in Italian”, and “Short Stories in English”. Additionally, the Ames Public Library provides free access to online language learning courses through Mango Languages, which you can access online and through their mobile app. Mango Language offers over 70 world languages and more than 20 English courses that you can work through at your own pace. If you prefer in-person language practice, consider joining one of APL’s Conversations Circles. For one hour each week, a group will gather for casual conversations in English, Russian, French and Spanish. This is a great opportunity to chat in your native language or get comfortable speaking in another!

Maybe you are hoping to become more tech savvy this year. The Ames Public Library has resources to help you learn programming, computer basics, app development, and so much more. If you are interested in learning about programming consider the book “Sams Teach Yourself Beginning Programming in 24 hours” by Greg Perry and Dean Miller, which covers basic topics like what a program is, the different tools used to make programs, and their uses. If you are interested in making a phone application the book “Anyone Can Create an App: Beginning iPhone and iPad Programming” by Wendy L. Wise contains information on how to make apps specifically for iPhone and iPad devices. The Ames Public Library will also begin offering Computer Classes every Thursday from 10am-12pm, starting February 3rd. The February computer class series will focus on computer basics such as web browsers, e-mail, computer files and more. There will also be future classes in March focusing on Microsoft Office.

Regardless of what your new year’s resolution or goals are, the Ames Public Library has a wealth of free resources available to help at every step of the way. For additional information regarding these or other library resources, you can visit the library in person, go to the website, or give us a call at (515) 239-5646.