Book Sale Video: Take One

Book Sale Video: Take One

by Sheila Schofer

When I was in High School, I had an amazing teacher who encouraged learning through creative self-expression. She allowed us to submit our homework in unique formats as long as it fulfilled the objectives. I wrote compare/contrast assignments using poetry, and essays using song lyrics. It helped me tackle tasks in an engaging way.  I may have been channeling that experience as I contemplated my Library Notes column. When I mused on the message I wanted to share, I envisioned it as quirky video.

Scene: librarian stands in the inviting lobby of the Ames Public Library, promoting the amazing Literary Grounds bookstore and the upcoming book sale.

Action: Librarian does a cheer, clapping to the beat, in the spirit of SNL cheerleader skits from the late 90s.

“Get a jump, [clap] on your winter reading” [gestures to a shelf full of gently-used bestsellers at great prices]

“Get a jump [clap] on your holiday giving” [gestures to an eye-catching display with quality children’s books, comics, teen novels and nonfiction finds. Zoom in on Literary Grounds Bookstore Gift Certificates in her hand]

“Get a jump [clap] on your winter crafting” [cut to images of creative crafts made from old books like purses and hidden treasure boxes.]

“Get a jump [clap] on your seasonal décor” [cut to images of garlands and wreaths made from book pages, and colorful stacks of books tied with festive bows and adorned with winter greens.]

The librarian shifts to a speaking voice as she shares the call to action.

“Mark your calendars now for the Ames Public Library Friends Foundation Book Sale happening Thursday November 16th through Sunday Nov 19th.  Proceeds from your purchases at Literary Grounds and the Book Sale help make our great library even more awesome!”

Close with slide listing event details:

  • Thursday, November 16 - 5:30 to 8:30pm
    Admission $2; Free admission and early entry at 5 p.m. for donors to the Ames Public Library Friends Foundation at the $20 level and above
  • Friday, November 17 - 9am to 6pm
    Free admission
  • Saturday, November 18 - 9am to 6pm 
    Free admission
  • Sunday, November 19 - 12 to 5pm 
    Last day! Admission $1, and everything is free! (Auditorium only)



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