Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community

by Alissa Dornink

Are you a budding gardener looking to dive into the world of seed starting? Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a complete novice, our upcoming Seed Starting Workshop is your ticket to hands-on expertise. We’re partnering with Mustard Seed Community Farm and the ISU Extension Master Gardener Program to create this free event as a fun experience for all green (and not so green) thumbs.

Drop in to Ames Public Library’s Saturday, March 23, between 10 am and noon and discover the art of growing plants from seed. Our new Seed Library, located on the 2nd floor near the Adult Services desk, offers a diverse selection of seeds for you to choose from. The process is simple: pick your favorite seed and head to the Auditorium, where seasoned experts will be on hand to guide you through the next steps.

One of the highlights of this workshop is the opportunity to learn directly from experts at Mustard Seed Community Farm and Master Gardeners. These seasoned individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table, making this workshop an invaluable experience for those eager to learn more about the art of seed starting.

Don’t have any gardening supplies? No problem! Everything you need will be provided—from soil and containers to essential tools. Just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to learn! This hands-on approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their gardening background, can actively participate and gain confidence in starting their own seeds.

Moreover, the support from the Ames Public Library Friends Foundation further emphasizes the community's collective effort to nurture green spaces and knowledge-sharing initiatives. It is this synergy between local organizations and passionate individuals that makes events like the seed starting workshop possible and impactful.

If you've ever dreamt of cultivating your garden from the very beginning, this seed starting workshop is your chance to turn that dream into reality. Mark your calendars for a morning filled with exploration, learning, and the joy of watching your seeds grow. With expert guidance, a diverse selection of seeds, and all supplies provided, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your gardening journey. Join us in building a community of green thumbs and watch as your love for plants blossoms into a lifelong passion.