Art Collection Policy

Section: Administration

Approved: 9/17/2015

Reviewed: 2/17/22, 2/15/24

Revised: 1/21/2016


Ames Public Library collects and displays artwork to connect Library visitors to the world of ideas through works of art.



The Art Committee is a committee appointed by the President of the Library Board of Trustees. The committee’s duties are to periodically:

  • review gifts of art donated for the Library’s art collection;
  • make recommendations on purchase, selection, or deacquisition of artwork; and
  • advise Library staff on placement and duration of displays of artwork from the library collection.

The Art Committee is not empowered to finalize proposals or decisions unless specifically authorized by action of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees retains the right to accept or refuse any donation, as detailed in the Donations Policy.

Display of artwork not owned by the Library is governed by the Display Spaces Policy



Ames Public Library’s collection of artwork shall focus on:

  • art related to books;
  • art influenced by the written word;
  • art about changing forms of communication; and
  • art with local significance.

Preference may be given to local or regional artists.

Addition of works outside these parameters will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Acquisition Guidelines

Objects may be added to the collection by means of gift, bequest, purchase, exchange, or any other transaction by which the title of the object(s) passes to the Ames Public Library. All objects acquired by Ames Public Library shall become the sole property of Ames Public Library and shall not be encumbered or restricted. Upon acceptance of a donation, an appropriate deed of gift or similar document transferring sole and exclusive ownership of the item(s) to Ames Public Library will be executed, with a copy provided to the donor.

The committee may recommend acquisition by purchase or acceptance of donation, subject to the following guidelines:

  • artistic merit;
  • general appropriateness for a library;
  • availability of space in the library building for the piece;
  • the Library’s ability to provide proper care, including conservation, maintenance, security and storage; and
  • the Ames Public Library Donations Policy guidelines.