Director Performance Evaluation Process Policy

Section: Library Administration

Approved: 8/21/1997

Reviewed: 11/16/2023

Revised: 1/16/2003, 1/15/2004, 1/14/2005, 1/17/2008, 1/20/2011, 3/21/2013, 12/17/2015, 11/15/2018, 10/21/2021


The Board of Trustees will evaluate the performance of the Library Director annually. This performance evaluation provides a basis for professional development and growth, pay decisions, disciplinary actions, and dismissal.


Committee Appointment

In May of each year, the President of the Board of Trustees shall appoint a three-person committee to oversee this process. This committee will be called the Director Evaluation Committee (DEC). Appointees shall include:

  • At least one member of the Executive Committee;
  • At least one non-member of the Executive Committee;
  • At least one individual who has previously participated in a DEC.

(The qualifications of one trustee may satisfy two of the conditions.)


Procedure and Timeline

The Director's performance is evaluated against (1) a set of written goals which are approved each year in April, (2) the responsibilities described in the Director’s General Job Duties Policy, and (3) the City of Ames’ expectations of management.



The DEC will conduct a mid-year discussion of progress toward goals and report back to the Board of Trustees. This meeting also provides an opportunity to begin to develop goals for the following year.



Prior to December 1, the Board President will request information about the salaries and longevity of other library directors and Ames City peers for the purpose of comparison. This data will be furnished to the DEC no later than the date of the Trustees’ regular December Board meeting.



The DEC will obtain feedback on the Director’s performance from selected Library staff and external reviewers.

The Director will submit a self-evaluation based on three to five specific, measurable annual goals, as requested by the DEC.



The DEC will:

  • Gather and compile evaluation feedback.
  • Prepare a summary of the results of the feedback and hold a preliminary meeting with the Director.
  • Analyze the salary and longevity data provided by the Board President, with the following factors in mind:
    • Performance
    • Internal Equity (as compared to other Library Directors and City of Ames Department Directors)
    • Market (State and Regional)



At least one week prior to the regular March Board meeting, the DEC will submit its draft evaluation with appropriate supporting materials to the Trustees and Director. (Original material submitted to the DEC is confidential, but may be made available to any trustee at their request.) The draft evaluation will include review and comment upon the Director’s performance of job duties and achievement relative to the previous year’s goals and development plan, and a salary adjustment recommendation.

At the March meeting, the Board of Trustees will:

  • Review the draft prepared by the DEC;
  • Revise (if desired) and approve the Director's performance evaluation; and
  • Set the Director's salary for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

After the March meeting, the DEC and Director will meet to finalize goals for the upcoming year, based on the evaluation as approved by the Board.



At the April meeting, the Board of Trustees will approve the Director's goals and development plan for the coming year. If at any point in time the Director feels that their goals are no longer relevant to the current situation, new goals may be submitted to the Board for approval.



The President of the Board will appoint a DEC to determine a process and conduct the next evaluation no later than the date of the regular May Board meeting.