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Race in America

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Message from the Director and Trustees on Racial Injustice

In response to the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Ames Public Library and the Board of Trustees reaffirms that we stand against racism and social injustice.

Ames Public Library’s mission is to connect our community—all of our community—to the world of ideas. We are committed to creating that connection through diverse resources, programs, and opportunities that foster learning, self-reflection, and community dialog—be it thought-provoking book recommendations, conversations through our View from the Margins book club, workshops that foster community discussion, or an affirmative space to gather and celebrate at events like the Black Arts and Music Festival.

We know that racist violence is not new, and that anti-racism requires ongoing examination, education, and commitment. As we map out our next strategic plan, the Ames Public Library is committed to exploring new ways to continue our mission, in partnership with our community and with the lens of equity and social justice.

We welcome your input.  Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us here.