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‘Most Fantastic Basket Contest’ Invites Disc Golfers to Submit Ideas

Improvements to the Carroll Marty Disc Golf Course planned this spring include an opportunity for disc golfers to provide their own spin on a pin. Ames Parks and Recreation Department is hosting the “Most Fantastic Basket” contest to add one or more unique baskets to the 18-hole course located at 1500 Gateway Hills Park Drive. 

Planned course improvements include replacing all the baskets and redesigning several approaches to keep the entire course contained to the north side of Worrell Creek. One or more basket designs will be left open to the public. The contest asks partic... Read Full Blog

Climate Action Plan Survey Available on City Website until Feb. 6

A survey to generate feedback from Ames residents on barriers to their own conservation efforts is available on the City’s website. The short survey asks participants to share their thoughts on assistance they may need to make home improvements or lifestyle changes to reduce their own carbon footprint. The survey is available at or by going to and looking for “In the Spotlight” on the front page. The survey will remain available through Monday, Feb. 6.

The City of A... Read Full Blog

Home Voices at the Ames Public Library

by Ben Schrag

I work at a Public Library, but my background is in the creative arts; a little playwriting, a lot of songwriting. One of my regular duties is the Toddler Storytime, where these skills can come in very handy. 

When I started doing Toddler storytime, for example, I had a small conundrum. Storytimes usually start with a little welcoming rhyme to help set the tone. But when I started planning and preparing for my Toddler storytimes, I couldn’t find a rhyme that said quite what I wanted to say. They were either not quite the right message or not quite the fe... Read Full Blog

Nominations Accepted for ‘Home for Everyone’ Award

The Ames Human Relations Commission is seeking nominations for its annual “Home for Everyone” award. The award honors a worthy individual or organization that has contributed to providing housing opportunities that enhance the quality of life for members of disadvantaged populations. To be eligible to receive the award, the nominee must provide housing in Ames.

The recipient of the award will be recognized in April, which is Fair Housing Month.

“Housing is a fundamental human need,” said Jahmai Fisher, chair of the Human Relations Commission. “The Home for Everyone award... Read Full Blog

Get on Boards (or Commissions)!

by Cathy Cooney

Conservation. Historic Preservation. Planning and Zoning. Analysis of Social Services Evaluation Team. Campus and Community. Library. Public Art. Human Relations. Veteran Affairs. These are just some examples of the boards and commissions who advise city and county government on issues, services, and programs. With over 30 boards and commissions between Ames and Story County, everyone can find a good fit for their interests. Serving in this way connects people more deeply to their communities, plays a valuable part in advising governing bodies and recommending policy... Read Full Blog

Calling local Iowa authors!

It’s almost time for Ames Public Library’s Author Fair! Join us for any portion of the program, or enjoy the entire time.

Saturday, March 25, 2023 at Ames Public Library

Make Sense of Writing

1-2pm, Rotary Room 

Presented by Michaeljulius Idani, University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Science Postgraduate Visiting Writer in Fiction and Visiting Assistant Professor

Book Sales and Signing

2:15-4:15pm, Library Auditorium

Readers are welcome to drop in, chat with authors, purchase books,... Read Full Blog

Nominations Sought for Historic Preservation Awards

The Ames Historic Preservation Commission is seeking nominations for the 2023 Preservation Awards Program. This program recognizes a variety of historic preservation activities, including work on building exteriors, site work, and other notable contributions to preservation in Ames.

The historic resources that are nominated must be located within the city limits of Ames, have undergone historic rehabilitation, restoration, or historic preservation, and be at least 50 years old. Additionally, architecturally compatible structures may be nominated. The structural work or other notab... Read Full Blog

Adventure Pass


by Tracy Briseño

Have you ever visited Blank Park Zoo in the winter? Gone to Reiman Gardens to sit with the butterflies when it is twenty degrees outside? When the cold and snow feel endless and you are trying to figure out what to do, I recommend checking out the library’s Adventure Pass Program. Using your library card, you are able to reserve a time to visit one of six locations. You can reserve a pass to each location once every 365 days.

You can visit Reiman Gardens and explore plants outdoors and inside the indoor conservatory. There’s also a tropica... Read Full Blog

Serving the Community at your Ames Public Library

by Danielle Ziegler

Since 1994, the third Monday in January has been Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the only National Day of Service in the United States.  It’s a day to encourage people to find a way to serve in their community. Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to the service of others. We here at the Ames Public Library encourage you to honor his legacy. 

One way that you can serve is by participating in Ames Public Library’s Supply Drive for ACCESS.  ACCESS stands for Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support, and they are dedicated to hel... Read Full Blog

Quick Picks

by Ellen Wanamaker

On the second floor at Ames Public Library, next to the new books, is a shelf of books and movies called “Quick Picks.” Some libraries call these “skip the line” or “lucky day” items. If you’re currently 36-deep in the hold queue for Colleen Hoover’s “It Starts With Us” or Michelle Obama’s “The Light We Carry,” then you’ll want to learn about Quick Picks.

Our librarians pay attention to the books and movies with the greatest demand, and buy additional copies for this special collection. Books designated as Quick Picks have a 7-day checkout with no renewa... Read Full Blog

Embracing Graphic Novels!

by Ethan Atwell

As a librarian, I frequently have caregivers come in with a child asking to help them find a “real” book, because the child primarily reads graphic novels. Graphic novels are one of the most amazing formats to enjoy reading. Below are benefits of reading graphic novels.

Graphic novels are accessible. According to Louise Baigelman (2022) at, the blend of images and words allows struggling readers to have more context while reading and not be overwhelmed by text. They also feel accomplished because they are able to finish a book. Graphic nove... Read Full Blog

Winter Reading Challenge

This year's winter reading challenge is already in full swing. If you haven't signed up yet, no is the time! All ages can join the Winter Reading Challenge, from adults to babies.

To participate, just read 30 days before the end of January. It doesn't matter what you read or how long you read—just read! Track your days online at or pick up a paper reading challenge at the Library or Bookmobile.

Once you're done, you can pick up your free prize (courtesy of Ames Public Library Friends Foundation) at the Library or Bookmobile!

... Read Full Blog

Pride and Prejudice: Never Leave!

by Anastasia Tuckness

As a seventh-grader, I had pretty much exhausted our school’s library and was wandering aimlessly with no good book prospects in sight when my friend’s mom gave me a slim red volume and said, “Try this.” It turned out to be Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” the first adult book I ever read and one that became a lifelong favorite. Once I’d entered that world of country lanes, drawing rooms, and witty banter, I never wanted to leave. Recently I discovered some new portals into that world! Shannon Hale’s hilarious “Austenland”, both the book and DVD, feature a ... Read Full Blog

Projects and Papers and Tests, Oh My!

Ames Public Library is here to help students finish out the semester with success!

Your Library card gets you free access to online tutoring, test prep, and writing lab with Brainfuse HelpNow. Get started at

The Library has also reserved space just for quiet study time. Drop in any of the following times, or ask about our regular study rooms!

Monday-Tuesday, December 5-6: 1-8:45pm, Rotary Room Wednesday, December 7: 1-8:45pm, Danfoss Room Friday-Saturday, December 9-10: 9am-5:45pm, Rotary Room
  Sunday, De... Read Full Blog

The Perfect Holiday Gifts Exist!

by Brianne Anderson

I don’t know about you, but every year around this time my mind mentally freezes. The holiday season is coming and all of a sudden, I have no idea what my nieces or nephews are into right now, and do my in-laws really need/want another gift card? Gift giving around the holidays is our chance to show those we love how much we appreciate them and value them in our lives, but that also comes with the stress of trying to please everyone.

Although it might not be the first place that comes to mind, your local library is an amazing resource when those ... Read Full Blog