Strategic Plan - Civic Engagement

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Provide opportunities for community members to connect with accurate information, be involved in their community, and better understand and be prepared to participate in the institutions of representative democracy.


Provide opportunities for community members to increase knowledge and preparation to be active participants in their community

  • Develop and implement programs to increase knowledge about active participation in local government
    • Community organizing 101 programming
    • Programming on how to get involved with government boards and committees
    • How to run for office programming
    • Attend City Council meetings with a buddy program
    • Build on CoA Citizen’s Academy
  • Provide Youth opportunities to experience voting with programming and collections
    • Bridge to reading Preschool picture book voting program
    • Topic relevant Teen Advisory Group programming
  • Build out virtual resources, like the Civics Center, for adults and youth to provide reliable information related to civic engagement and media literacy on the Ames Public Library website
    • Provide information on voting, candidate forums and other relevant topics
    • Connect to relevant COA information like the Resident Satisfaction Survey, Plans and Reports that are in public review phase etc.


Make the Library a recognized space for discussing and addressing key community issues

  • Foster dialog around key community issues such as child care, housing, and emergency preparedness
  • Foster partnerships with other City departments in order to cross promote City and other relevant information
  • Promote Library as a space for City of Ames public input and information sessions
  • Offer space for community leaders office hours


Ames Community School District Candidate Forum 2019