Strategic Plan

About the Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2019, Ames Public Library staff began a year-long process of developing a Strategic Plan to guide us through the next several years. We gathered staff and community input, analyzed data, reviewed library best practices, and looked at overall societal trends. 
Although the pandemic has forced us to think creatively about how we connect and serve our community, our commitment to providing responsive and relevant collections, programs, and services has remained the same.

We are excited to be launching a new strategic plan in 2020 to guide us through the next four years.

The goal was to have an open and inclusive process where staff, volunteers, board members, the broader community, and key stakeholder groups would have the opportunity to help inform our service priorities—and roadmap for achieving them—over the next four years. 
To achieve this, we set up teams of Library staff to gather key information and organized input sessions with a variety of community groups. 
After gathering and analyzing this wide range of staff and community input, data, and best practices, clear themes and trends emerged. These themes form this plan’s six strategic priorities.

The Strategic Plan is intended as a guide to help us focus on key areas of growth and development rather than an exhaustive list of every program and service offered by the Library. Tried and true programs and collections will continue, but resources and training will be directed to support the strategic priorities. 

This plan is paired with more detailed documents, including a timeline of activities chosen to achieve the goals, measurement metrics, and an in-depth operation plan.

Our evaluation will be ongoing, and we will check in regularly with staff and our Board of Trustees to track our progress and adapt as needed. We will celebrate successes and share updates annually with the broader community.

We are proud of an inclusive process and an ambitious plan, and we are excited to work together to continue to respond to our community’s needs and interests in impactful and meaningful ways!

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Strategic Plan PDF (with selected activities)

Strategic Priorities

Equity >>
Create an intentional plan to address barriers in library systems, and actively work to create equitable services and access.
  Inclusion >>
Create a welcoming and comfortable place for all community members. Develop best practices for collaborative partnerships in order to amplify a diversity of ideas, cultures, and experiences  and foster community understanding.
  Civic Engagement >>
Provide opportunities for community members to connect with accurate information, be involved in their community, and better understand and be prepared to participate in the institutions of representative democracy.
  Access >>
Connect community members to needed information and resources.
  Wellness >>
Foster a thriving community through promotion of physical, mental and socio-emotional well-being.
  Staff Development >>
Ensure excellent customer service as our community needs evolve through proactive staff development and training.