Strategic Plan - Equity

EQUITY: Create an intentional plan to address barriers in library systems, and actively work to create equitable services and access.


Remove systemic barriers to library use

  • Evaluate and address the impact of fines to ensure equity of access
  • Audit policies, hiring process, procedures, and staff training for inequities affecting staff and patrons
    • Partner with CoA Human Resources, CoA Diversity and Inclusion Team and other relevant subject area experts
  • Advocate for parking and transportation options that encourage and support library use by communities’ experiencing inequities
  • Identify and address challenges faced by customers in checking out and returning library materials
  • Expand non-circulating deposit collections at community partner sites to increase ease of access to materials without concern for fines or lost charges
  • Explore ways to increase access to internet
  • Explore proactive ways to increase library card access


Reduce language barriers to service

  • Review points of access for language barriers and readability
  • Coordinate with CoA/ACSD/ISU for translation services for signage and forms
  • Provide Travis Translation devices at public service points to offer immediate assistance to non-English speaking customers


Create welcoming and inclusive spaces for community members with intellectual and physical disabilities

  • Identify and address physical space challenges to find opportunities for improvement
  • Identify proactive ways to provide assistance to customers with intellectual and physical disabilities at all service points
  • Identify ways to provide equitable access to programming in person and virtually