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A Library Exhibit on Black Freedom

by Sheila Schofer

The Library has a beautiful entryway with a striking charcoal gray wall that provides a perfect backdrop for exhibits.

The exhibit on display currently is by artist Jordan Brooks and ties in to Juneteenth programming and events happening in the library and the broader community.

The white lettering pops against orange, yellow, green, blue and black backgrounds creating an eye-catching contrast. The words themselves make a statement, too, as they urge viewers of all backgrounds to reflect on the statements and explore their personal reactions.Read Full Blog

Despite a Year of Ups and Downs Ames Public Library Strategic Plan on Course

by Sheila Schofer  

It was about this time last year—after gathering data, surveying our staff and public, and holding several community engagements sessions—that the Ames Public Library unveiled its new Strategic Plan.  Now one year in, I thought it would be great to take stock of what we have done to move our goals forward, despite a tumultuous last 12 months.  When we created our plan we did so with broad staff and community involvement, and our goal for implementation of the plan has been the same. We have employees from across departments working collaborati... Read Full Blog


Ames Public Library is joining hundreds of public libraries across the country that no longer charge overdue fines for items that are returned late. This is one step in the Library’s commitment to providing equitable access to Library materials and services.

Library Director Sheila Schofer explains “Equity and access are core values for libraries and play a big role in our new Strategic Plan. Overdue fines disproportionately penalize people with lower incomes and can even keep them from using the Library.”

Overdue charges have long been used by libraries with the hope th... Read Full Blog

Library Enters New Strategic Plan

Ames Public Library has entered into a new Strategic Plan.

The process of creating this plan began in the fall of 2019. Library staff gathered community input, analyzed data, reviewed library best practices, and looked at overall societal trends. 

“Our goal was to have an open and inclusive process,” said Ames Public Library Director Sheila Schofer. Library staff read the results of 1,000 completed surveys, held staff and board input sessions, and hosted six community stakeholder meetings. The arrival of the pandemic cancelled another meeting, but Library staff reac... Read Full Blog