Library Enters New Strategic Plan

Library Enters New Strategic Plan

Ames Public Library has entered into a new Strategic Plan.

The process of creating this plan began in the fall of 2019. Library staff gathered community input, analyzed data, reviewed library best practices, and looked at overall societal trends. 

“Our goal was to have an open and inclusive process,” said Ames Public Library Director Sheila Schofer. Library staff read the results of 1,000 completed surveys, held staff and board input sessions, and hosted six community stakeholder meetings. The arrival of the pandemic cancelled another meeting, but Library staff reached out via e-mail for further input.

According to Schofer, “Clear themes and trends emerged. We drew on that information to plan, prioritize, and ultimately create the strategic plan that will serve to guide our efforts over the next four years.”

The plan is divided into six Strategic Priorities, each with several goals and related activities. It is available online at